Brand New Rechargeable  Neck and Back Massager 

Finally, a device that provides a comprehensive and complete solution to neck problems and related neck issues, it uses low-frequency electric therapy and magnetic field therapy to help stimulate different types of nerve fibers to relieve pains.


According to global reports, Neck pain is a highly prevalent condition that leads to considerable pain, disability, and economic cost. It not only constitutes a major personal burden but also affects families and the health system and the economic structure of countries. so the need to treat it carefully can not be over-emphasized.

Benefits Includes

  • Upper Back Tension Relief – A neck and shoulder massage can be very helpful for relieving your muscles of tension and knots. As your muscles are massaged, they will relax and stretch. This will relieve the tension and make all the knots go away.
  • Better Sleep – They’re also good for your brain. These messages will make your muscles relax, so you will feel better. Thanks to the fact that you’re feeling better, the stress your brain is exposed to decreases. Due to the lower stress levels, you will be able to sleep better.
  • Increased Blood Circulation – The increased blood flow brings more oxygen, nutrients, and white blood cells to your muscles and nearby joints. The increased supply of oxygen will have a vitalizing effect on your muscles. Thanks to the fact that they’re receiving more nutrients, your muscles will start to regenerate themselves. The white blood cells play an active role in reducing any inflammation process they encounter.
  • Lowers Your Neck Pain – Neck and shoulder massagers are specially designed to wrap around your neck and massage it from different angles. The massage nodes will work on different muscles on their clockwise rotation than the counterclockwise rotation. This is a good thing, as the massage session will stimulate most if not all the muscles in your neck



Administers mild therapeutic electrical pulses that travel along the neural fibers of the neck which work to block out pain signals from traveling to the brain – instantly reducing the sensation of soreness and pain


Long duration’s of stress and anxiety can lead to physical discomfort and an array of physical health issues. Alleviate stress by increasing natural feel-good chemicals such as Endorphins and Seratonin in response to the therapeutic stimulus.

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Customer’s Review

We use it in the car, at home while sitting at the computer, while watching TV and every night before bed. I’m ordering another one for my husband because he can’t get his hands off mine!! Nice product. It has different mode.

Felicia Okoh

High-quality product nothing cheap about it. Very nice carrying case. Hands down one of the best buys I’ve done. Medically it has improved my sleep and decompressed my disk which makes me feel good.
Ayanfe Segun

Iba Estate

I bought two of these, one for my wife and one for my mother, Both have been well received and enjoyed! It’s a great massager!

Mr. layo






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