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Literally shakes all the giggles on your body. Just got it but have seen drastic results on my cousin. Fifteen minutes a day is all he is doing and he hadn’t changed his eating habits.

Now @ N176,000


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Core Benefits Includes

  • Activates the immune system and enhances killer T-cells and white blood cell function helping to break down and destroy infected and diseased cells.
  • Decreases joint stiffness and improves range of motion and flexibility.
  • Supplies blood and oxygen to damage tissues helping in the healing process of injuries, wounds, burns, and infections.
  • Increases blood flow through the microcirculation.
  • Aids in quicker muscle recovery time after any type of exercise, workout, sports, and other intense physical activity.
  • Helps restructure collagen and repair soft tissue injuries.
  • Detoxifies heavy metals and metabolic waste.
  • Boosts metabolism, burns calories, and reduces cellulite.
  • Rids the body of uric acid, lactic acid, and carbonic acid.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins through sweat.

About this Premium Full Body Vibration Machine

  • 【Shape Whole Body & Burn Fat】Whatever your fitness routine, our Vibration Plate Exercise Machine gives it assistance through vertical vibrations. The vibration stimulates your muscle from your feet up to your head and activates and engages large muscle groups, increasing muscle contractions. It helps build muscle strength and core stability. Design with two resistance bands to work out your arms and upper body. Only 10 to 15 minutes a day, bring you a new healthy life
  • 【10 Preset Exercise Modes】Vibration platform machine comes with 10 preset modes, which are designed for different exercise demands. A variety of exercise modes allow you to try different vibration exercises or combine the vibration exercise with squats, lunges, sit-ups, push-ups, yoga, etc. Ideal for lifting your buttocks, toning your legs, weight loss, enhanced balance, and tone muscle all at once by our home gym equipment
  • 【1 To 99 Speed Control】Vibration plate with LED digital display can support up to 99-speed options. Simulate different ways of fitness experience such as walking, jogging, running, etc. The vibrating plate exercise machine is suitable for all levels of fitness groups. The wireless remote control with a fast speed adjustment button makes your operation more convenient
  • 【Foot Acupressure Massage】Our vibration plate has a unique acupressure plate surface that helps muscle & joint pain relief, deep tissue massage, and increased circulation. This treatment induces a healing response and relieves pain from the core, improving muscle flexibility, relaxing whole body muscle, and release work stress
  • 【Enjoy The Feeling of Relaxation】Vibration plate made of ABS material with piano paint for high durability. . With powerful and silent motor, which is suitable for home use. The bottom with 4 suction cups to reduce the impact on the ground while preventing slippage, keep the vibration plate stable and absorb vibration noise

Neat and Easy to use


With 99 levels of intensity this vibration plate is suitable for beginners and elite athletes alike. 10 program settings take you from gentle recovery to a powerful workout (Press button “P”)


Control your workout remotely! Adjust your settings while you workout with the included, handy remote. Track your time and intensity level whilst you


The strong suction cups under the unit & anti-slip surface board will keep the machine and user in place, making vibration plate safe and powerful


* Help the body relax against fatigue.
* It helps to maintain yoga posture easily. (Camel Pose)
*  The Fast and Rapid vibration  helps to massage the spine and relieve the fatigue of the back and shoulder neck.
* It improves the bent posture caused by the wrong posture and relieves muscular fatigue.
* Ensures proper blood circulation in the lower body .


As you can see above the prices range from N148,000 and N175,000 only.

We are running a special August promo because we know a lot of people will want to get their fitness goals reached and we have a great piece of equipment for you.

If you take action today because of the limited stocks remaining,  you will be getting this piece of equipment for   (N135,000)with free delivery to your doorsteps.

However,  the choice is yours as clearing out the limited stocks remaining to bring in new types of equipment for the year 2022, Hurry and place your order while stock last for just  N135,000 


Customers Review

Mrs Saheedat

From Abuja


My back has been killing me since I gained all this weight. I started out by doing 3 min for a week, then 5 for a week, then the 10 min. I have no more back pain and lost some weight. If I skip a few days, my back starts hurting again.

I thought it would be kind of hard because it’s just straps to hold on too but it’s very easy.




I have a vibration machine. I bought it in January. I use it every other day. I have lost weight, inches, and my calves, thigh and arms are toning, slender, and definition. I am diabetic and it helps with my circulatory system. No more Charley horses, or cramps. Love it


From Amazon

I love this vibration platform. I wanted to try one but I did not want to pay a lot of money in case using it hurt my knee joints or didn’t work. I didn’t want the hassle of sending it back. I placed it in the kitchen right next to a counter that I can hold onto if I need to because I don’t use the extension bands. The motion loosens and totally relaxes my hip muscles when they get too tight from sitting. My knee joints aren’t bothered at all. I use it on the lowest possible setting so it’s great to know that I have options to increase the vibration should I want to in the future. It arrived quickly, in great shape and works very well. I am 71.



I’m lazy. Let’s just put that out there first, so you know what you’re dealing with. When it’s hot, rainy, or not convenient- I don’t want to go outside to exercise. you see this equipment right here is very easy to use and quite good.

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Yes, you have made the right decision to start the year with a fitness goal, and getting a piece of equipment like this makes it very easy for you even if you are lazy to exercise daily.

You will particularly notice that the mechanism of vibration will make it easy for you to train your abdomen, back, thigh, and waist muscles

Another good thing is that all orders are payment on delivery-which means you don’t pay until you receive the product.

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