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Finally revealed! a product that can massage the neck, back, and hips at the same time.

Multifunction Seat Massager for Back, Neck and Hip Pain

  • INSTANT RELAXATION: The massage cushion works in 8 directions nodes, flexing muscles precisely and bringing instant relaxation in a matter of seconds. The effect of the massage is enhanced by the heating function.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: This vibration car seat massager is lightweight does not occupy any place in the car. The operation is straightforward, and thanks to the elastic strap you can use it at home, in the office, and even at hotels.
  • 5 MASSAGE MODES & 3 VIBRATION SPEEDS: This Vibrating Seat Massager Cushion features Eight (8) nodes that vibrate your back and thighs to help release stress, tension, and promote blood circulation. 5 Massage Modes and 3 Speeds for you to choose to meet your individual needs.
  • HEATING FUNCTION: Providing soothing gentle warmth. The heat function is optional, you can turn it on or turn it off.  It has overheating protection system that ensures safe use.
  • EASY TO CONTROL: There is a wired remote with multiple functions in which you only just choose the functions to make a massage when you needed. Each vibration position can be controlled ON/OFF independently.

Product Benefits

  1. Relieves back discomfort.
  2. Heating function: For a pleasant sensation and stimulation of the circulatory system.
  3. Relieves muscle spasms, warms, and relaxes.
  4. Suitable for home, office, and car use.
  5.  5 massage motors. and uses a remote control panel


Recommended for

  • Elderly People, People that spend a lot of time in their cars, on the laptop, or just for relaxation

    Package Includes:
    1*Massage cushion
    1*Power cable
    1*Car adapter
    1*User manual

Suitable for:

✔Computer users
✔Office workers
✔People with long, stressful commutes
✔Those seeking stress relief
✔People with neck, shoulder, or back pain, muscle fatigue, and poor blood circulation ✔Travelers

I have been using it for half a month and the quality is very good. The headache is that I drive almost every day. With this massage cushion, I am now much more relaxed, and my back is not so sore. This vibration car seat massager does not occupy any place in the car. The operation is very simple. Highly recommend it

Mr. Audu

Abuja Municipal

I received this massage cushion and was extremely excited to give it a try the 1st day. I read the directions and started using it right away. All I can say is…WOW!! Amazing! I can customize a variety of different models and different speeds. You can set it on low, medium, and high speed. The heat is optional.

Mrs Esther


This thing is awesome. All members of my family make their way onto the chair and have to take turns at the end of the day so everyone can relax with it. It’s great for knots and I like it for lower back pain relief. The seat vibration is a little silly, I’m not sure what that is supposed to do but everything else is great. Highly recommend!

Aunty joy

Victoria Island




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